Healthy Smiles at Every Age

At the Fairfield dental office of Dr. Thomas Toolson, we believe that healthy smiles require personalized care at every age. With this in mind, our Fairfield dentist offers unique dental services that address every changing smile. From preventive dental care for children to restorative dentistry for seniors, our mission at Fairfield Family Dental is to provide patients of all ages with a reason to keep smiling.

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Pediatric Dental Care in Fairfield

Introducing children to good oral hygiene early on is a critical part of ensuring a lifelong healthy smile. To begin acclimating children to the idea of routine dental visits, Dr. Toolson encourages adult patients to bring their children to their appointments. This allows the child to meet and become comfortable with care from our Fairfield family dentist as well as better understand what the different tools are used for.

When it comes time for their own dental appointment, your child receives personalized care tailored to their smile. In addition to applying protective sealants and fluoride to young smiles, these regular visits allow our Fairfield dentist the opportunity to evaluate your child’s dentition for changes as they begin losing their baby teeth and adult teeth begin to fill their smile. 

Monitoring these changes is particularly important to ensuring the correct development of an adult dentition. In the event potential dental issues are identified, our Fairfield dentist can develop long-term treatment plans for addressing these concerns before significant damage has occurred to the health or function of the smile. By offering many of these treatments, such as Invisalign® and wisdom tooth extraction in our Fairfield dental office, pediatric patients receive the necessary consistent care needed to ensure lifelong healthy smiles. 

Preventive Care and Restorative Treatments 

Protecting your smile as an adult also requires consistent care. Similar to our pediatric dental routines, biannual adult cleanings also include digital x-ray imaging to capture any changes to the smile. Once a year, our Fairfield dentist will also administer an oral cancer screening as a preventive diagnostic measure. 

Routine wear and tear can take a toll on the aesthetics and health of your smile. As a result, adult patients may find themselves requiring more extensive treatments in order to protect the health of their smiles. In addition to traditional restorations like dentures and partials, Dr. Toolson also offers more integrative treatments, such as same-day restorations and dental implants in order to thoroughly address severely damaged, missing, or extracted teeth. Often, these restorative services are incorporated into larger treatment plans for patients facing complex dental issues, such as root canal therapy or periodontal disease treatment. 

Comprehensive Dentistry with Dr. Toolson

Fairfield Family Dental is proud to help patients of all ages develop the best treatment plans for their smiles. To learn more about our preventive treatment plans at every age, contact our Fairfield dentist today to schedule your next dental appointment. 


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