Advanced Technology at Fairfield Family Dental 

When it comes to developing effective dental treatment plans, utilizing advanced technology allows for greater personalization of procedures, leading to lasting results and improved oral health. At our state-of-the-art practice, Fairfield family dentist Dr. Thomas Toolson uses digital x-rays to take high-quality images of patients’ smiles.

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Digital X-Rays vs. Traditional Radiography

While the process for taking digital x-rays is similar to traditional x-rays, digital radiography eliminates the lengthy processing time required for traditional film x-rays to be developed. Once the images are taken, they are automatically uploaded to a computer where they can be reviewed by our Fairfield dentist and patient.

In addition to lessening the environmental impact associated with traditional radiography, digital x-rays are a safer option than their predecessor. With digital x-rays, patients are exposed to 90% less radiation than with traditional x-rays, making them a safe option for individuals that are frequently exposed to x-rays.

Diagnostic Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Immediate processing capability and the high quality of digital images makes digital x-rays the ideal tool for planning routine or complex treatments. Given the impressive detail provided by these images, our Fairfield dentist is able to identify minute changes to the dentition, observing vulnerable parts of your smile. By being better able to identify potential problems, Dr. Toolson can create truly personalized treatment plans that address each component of your oral health. In the long run, thorough treatment planning can prevent recurring dental issues and ensure lasting results, long after initial treatment. 

From an educational standpoint, digital x-rays provide patients with insight into the actual condition of their smiles, beyond the surface. Patients are able to see any identified abnormalities, compared to healthy teeth or structures. X-ray imaging also helps individuals better understand how different treatments may impact their smile, allowing them to make informed decisions about their oral health. 

Digital X-Rays in Fairfield

At Fairfield Family Dental, digital radiography allows our dental team to provide patients of all ages with comfortable and effective dental care. From monitoring development in your child’s changing smile to determining candidacy for more invasive procedures, digital x-rays offer a modern approach to diagnosing dental conditions and developing unique treatment plans. For more information about digital x-rays and other advanced technologies available at Fairfield Family Dental, contact our team today



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