Planmeca 3-D Cone Scanner

Second only to the doctor's eye and experience, CBCT (Cone-Beam Computed Tomography) is the most powerful diagnostic tool available to the dentist. 

CBCT offers images of tremendous clinical value at a very reasonable radiation dose. The doctor will be able to diagnose oral pathologies with greater accuracy and professional confidence, with greater comfort to the patient. 

High Resolution

CBCT machines offer much higher resolution images than X-rays can provide. 
This allows for highly accurate imaging which in turn means that any measurements taken from those images will also be far more accurate.
More accurate measurements mean better outcomes for patients.


Shorter Scan Times

Another benefit of using CBCT dental equipment is that it offers shorter scan times than many other scans offer.
This brings its own benefits. Not only is the procedure completely quickly, but a short scan time means there is less discomfort for the patient, and less chance of them moving during the scan, which can cause defects in the image. 
It also means you can get through more appointments, too.


Improve Implant Success

CBCT scans are able to improve success with dental implants, by providing you with exactly the information you need to make the procedure as accurate as possible.
With more accurate imaging, you can find the perfect position for the implant and ensure that the length of the implant is optimal for a successful outcome.  


Reduced Exposure to Radiation

One of the downsides of traditional X-ray digital equipment is that they expose patients to significant amounts of radiation. Whilst this is not enough to be dangerous to the patient, it understandably causes concern in some.

With CBCT, the beam is focused only on the intended area, meaning the patient’s exposure to radiation is reduced. This is reassuring for many patients who are wary of general X-rays.

It is still important to determine if a patient is pregnant before using the scanner, however.
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Capture Bone and Soft Tissue At the Same Time

CBCT machines are able to scan both bone and soft tissue at the same time.
It allows dentists to build up a complete picture of the patient’s bones, teeth, and soft tissue for a holistic overview of the patient’s mouth. With all of this information gathered in a single scan, a CBCT machine is a quick and easy way to get a complete understanding of every part of the mouth.

Bone Quality
Another of the key benefits of CBCT machines is the ability to assess bone quality.
This is particularly important for procedures such as implants that require healthy bone in order for the procedure to be successful. By determining bone quality, it is possible to give implants the best possible chance of success.

Improved Diagnostic Accuracy
Since CBCT machines are able to capture 3D images, it’s possible to catch problems that simply weren’t visible on a 2D scan.

By providing a more accurate overview of the mouth, CBCT machines help to provide better-informed diagnoses for patients. It can help to spot problems before they become severe issues, and also means you’re more likely to be able to find the causes of severe issues and determine how best to treat them.

The benefits for the patient can be significant.

Reduce Nerve Damage
A CBCT scan can be used to accurately map out the patient’s sensory nerves. 

Once you have this map, it is much easier to avoid any nerve damage during complex procedures such as implants. In this case, implants can be constructed to the right length to ensure that there is no impact on the nerve whilst still offering good stability. 

CBCT scans can also be used to avoid implants penetrating into the sinus.

One issue many patients have with standard dental x-ray equipment is that they are forced to bite down on an uncomfortable plate in order for the X-ray to be taken.

A CBCT scan is a non-intrusive process that can scan a patient’s entire head without them needing to do a thing. This is very useful for patients who have sore teeth and gums and find biting down on a plate a very painful experience. It is also a less frightening experience for those who don’t feel comfortable with many dental procedures.


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